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Our Services

Our most popular services are listed below. However, those are not all of the services we provide. If you do not see what you are looking for. Give us a call 630-340-7356 or email to see if we are interested in your unique project.

a house

Residential Moving

Moving across the street or to another state. We can go anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Whether you are looking to move an Apartment, Condo, Townhouse, Duplex, Bungalow or Single Family Home we might be able to help. Each one of these residence can have different problems to be solved. As you can imagine, moving a apartment vs a house are not going to be the same. One might have multiple stories, another might have more items to be moved. But they both might take the same amount of time to be moved. Crazy, we know.

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commercial buildings icon

Commercial/Office Moving

Used us before (Or not) and are now looking to have us move your office. Just let us know! While this isn’t our specialty like House Hold Goods are. We might not be able to assist. Sometimes what customers are looking for is not something Patriotic Movers want to take on. Remember “One of our goals is for you to have a great moving experience. Whether that be with us or a different company.” Sometimes we aren’t the best fit for every move. If that is the case, the company will let you know.

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grand piano icon

Piano Moving

Moving a piano is not typically a simple task. (That’s probably why your here… because you found a FREE one on Facebook Marketplace)

Spinet. Upright, and Baby Grand Pianos are what we commonly move. If you are looking to have a piano moved by Patriotic Movers. Pleases make sure when you contact us you have the make and model or we might not be able to assist you. 🙁

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