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First Time Using Movers?

You are in the correct spot. Scroll down as we deep dive on what to expect.

Every Moving Company is Different

Every moving company is different. Some provide services that others don’t. Some bill differently than others. Some include things that other charge for. Others charge for things things that some include. This makes trying to compare companies not an essay task. Often times we see customers trying to compare pricing only. Some company’s intentionally have low hourly prices, to then once they are there, add on all the extras. This ends up in a move that is much more than you had planned for. Sometimes it ends up being more than the most expensive estimate you may have gotten.


Example: We had a customer call in that was asking about wardrobe boxes in addition to her move.

Patriotic Movers: Wardrobe boxes are an extra fee.

Customer: Well this other company includes them.

Please notice we are not that company.

Patriotic Movers:  Well we don’t charge for wrap.

Customer: Its funny you say that. The last time I moved the company charged to wrap things and the movers were wrapping everything. I think they were wrapping things that didn’t need to be wrapped. Wasting time and charging me for the wrap.

This is one story of many on how every company is different on what is and isn’t included

What to Expect

The items listed below are what Patriotic Movers does. You will need to do your homework to see what other campiness are doing or not doing.

1. Let us know what you are looking for from us.

Every customer has a different moving needs

Some look for big furniture and appliances.

Some look to have us some furniture and they are going to try to move all boxes and smaller furniture.

Some are looking for all furniture and boxes.

Some look for us to pack somethings and move everything

Some look to pack everything and move everything

Some look for just 1 item that they couldn’t manage. (Think piano)

Which ever it is, let us know to better help you and to make the estimate more accurate.

2. If you are having us move your boxes

Almost everything needs to be in a box or a bin/tote. Boxes should be sealed top and bottom with packing tape. Not folded. Not painters tape. Not duct tape.

They should be labeled with the room you would like them to go to at the new destination. A lot of times rooms exist at one location and not at another.

If a box is labeled kitchen, that’s where it will be placed. Unless you would prefer all boxes to be loaded into the garage or one room in the home to save time. Up to you just let the team know.

The moving team that you get doesn’t bring boxes on the truck. They are not there to do any packing. They are there to move. If you are interesting in packing, that is a separate service that is done before the move. Typical a day or 2 in advance as there typically isn’t enough time in the day to do packing and moving.

3. Billing

For all hourly moves, the way our billing works is the clock starts once they get to starting address and ends once they finish at the ending address. Time is broken down into increments of 15. So if you move starts at 9am gets done at 2:30pm that would be 5.5 hours of labor. It would not get rounded up to 6 hours.

If we estimate you move to take 6 hours and it only takes 4. That’s all you would pay for. The opposite applies as well. If its estimated at 6 hours and it takes 10, that’s what you would be responsible for. We try to make our estimates as accurate as possible so that there is no surprises for you or us.



4. You don’t need to help

You don’t need to help. (The day of the move) That’s part of what you are paying for. Chances are you “helping” isn’t really helping. If you want to help, do it before or after the moving team is there. Whether that be brings items over to the new place or placing all the boxes into the garage to save time. Do it before or after.

5. Be ready to Move

When the team arrives they are ready to work. They will do a walk through to see what is going and what is staying.

Do not try and pack as they go. You will not be able to keep up. What will happen is either they will be waiting for you to finish which is costing you time. Or, you will say forget it to save the time but then not get everything moved.

Do not try and pack as they go. You will not be able to keep up. What will happen is either they will be waiting for you to finish which is costing you time. Or, you will say forget it to save the time but then not get everything moved.

Make sure bedding is off the beds. Food isn’t on the table. You should be ready to move. When you get an estimate from Patriotic Movers. We are basing it on you being ready to move. Not having to wait for things to be cleared, emptied, or boxes to be filled. It happens more than you would think 🥲

6. Be available

The moving team tries their best to remember what is going and staying, but they are human. They forget or would rather double check and need to ask.

The moving team will also need your help on where to put all the items at your new home. If you are not there to show where, they will take their best guess.

This will result in 1 of a few outcomes:

—–1) You then see where items were placed. Realize its incorrect. Then ask them to rearrange things (which they will) resulting in wasted time (Likely frustrated movers because they could have just put it in the correct spot to begin with.

—–2) You realize things are in the wrong place after they have left which results in:

———-A) You thinking they did a bad job and trying to move items yourself

———-B) You wanting them to come back and fix it

—–3) You’re happy that they did their best with what they had to work with. (Our favorite, but a unicorn outcome)


Another one of our goals is to give you the information and knowledge you need to make the best decision for you moving needs. We like to think of ourselves as moving experts who are always learning. Then pass that information on to you.