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Our moving tips and tools section is years of moving experience put into one location. These have been put together to help you with your move. The more we can help you, the more you help us. We cannot deliver (pun intended) if we don’t give you the tools to succeed.


We know you have many options when choosing movers. Patriotic Movers wants to help make your life easier. This section is to address some of the most commons questions and problems we see with our company. They are to help educate you before your move. Its much easier to address things before the move then after. The thing we hate hearing the most from our customers is “had we known”. Same….. had we known that you weren’t going to pack anything we would have explained that everything needs to be taped, boxed up, labeled with the room you want it to go to. Or we would have estimated more time and/or offered packing services or just not accepted the job. Much easier to problem solve before the move than on, or even worse, after the move.