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Save Money On Your Move

This checklist has been put together to help anyone who is moving (with a company or not). With information from thousands of moves. This gets updated as soon as we think it can be improved.

1 week before the move


Start Early

Patriotic Movers has efficient packing and moving tips to share that will help make the process much easier! Whether you’re a first-time mover or have moved several times in your life, by following our moving and packing tips your belongings will be more protected as they travel to your new home.


Make Lists and Share Responsibility

Not only do you absolutely need to make lists of everything that needs to be done, you should designate one person to handle certain tasks. Perhaps you will call and turn on the utilities and your spouse will arrange the appointment for your cable and internet to be turned on.

If you don’t delegate responsibility, both of you will likely assume the other is taking care of something, so it doesn’t get done. This results in the pointing of fingers and a lot to blame. If there is a name beside each task then there is no question who dropped the ball.


Consolidate Fairly

If you are moving in together and you both have your own place, it is inevitable that you will need to get rid of some things. If you are lucky and find a home with a finished basement or a spare room, then you won’t have to do so much consolidating, but it will still need to be done on some level.

This needs to be done fairly. Don’t expect him to give up that ugly chair if you are not willing to downsize your shoe collection to share the closet. Guys, you very well may need to move the pool table out of the living room to make room for her to do her morning yoga.

It is all about compromise; this is a huge adjustment ,but if you both give equally, you will find your separate lives really do mesh well together.


Hire the Right Movers

Nothing can make moving day more disastrous than hiring the wrong movers. Make sure you ask what their insurance covers, and take the time to make sure they are licensed and to look up reviews. When your small apartment movers are on time, professional and efficient, you can’t imagine how much smoother and more enjoyable your day will be.

Day Before the Move

If you haven’t had your first argument yet, you can often count on moving to instigate one. This is a day that brings on a lot of stress and anxiety, so it is natural to be a little on edge and snappy. This is a huge day, and a lot of things can go wrong, so there is significant potential for irritation. Don’t worry, these tips below can help you advoid the stress.


Clear a Path

Make sure nothing is blocking the walkway from the house to the moving container or truck. Place carpet, floor and door frame protectors throughout your home to avoid scratching surfaces.


Box Everything Up

Make sure to get everything into boxes. If it fits in a box put it in. The more things boxed up the faster and cheaper your move will be. Having lose stuff adds a considerable amount of time to the job. It also makes packing the truck harder and waste valuable space.


Do a Final Walkthrough

Check every room and closet one last time to make sure nothing is left behind.


According to The Illinois Movers and Warehouseman’s Association (IMAWA) “95% of the licensed movers in Illinois are members of the IMAWA.

“The Illinois Movers And Warehouseman’s Association is happy to help you determine whether the Illinois domiciled mover of your choice is licensed and what kind of complaint history is on record with regulatory agencies. Our “Find a Mover” page can help you investigate movers both within and outside Illinois, and you’re always welcome to call us for assistance and referrals to reputable movers.” –