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Loading Mobile Storage or Rented Trucks

Looking for us to load a truck you rented or a mobile storage container? Check out why we don’t.

1. You’re setting us up for failure!

We get asked every now and then about this kind of service. There are a few problems we have run into as we use to do these kind of jobs, but no longer.

Here’s why:

The customer is expecting the quality of service that they have received prior, based on reviews, or a recommendation from a friend.

Part of what you pay for when you hire Patriotic Movers is the truck. Included with OUR truck is all of our premium professional equipment. The company buys some of the best equipment available. The truck includes about everything the movers need to get the job done correctly. Premium Moving Pads, Straps, Tape, Wrap, Tools, and Dollies. Roughly $2,500 worth of tools and equipment. This doesn’t include any of our specialty items like piano boards or all terrain dollies. Which if needed, are included.

The problem with this is the customer (that’s you) is expected to provide all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. Not many, if any customers are going to spend the money on the equivalent. This results in setting the moving team up for failure. They are used to Premium Moving Pads, Straps, Tape, Wrap, Tools, and Dollies. You show up with an empty truck or mobile storage container as in no pads straps, tape, wrap, or dollies, and expect there to be no damages and/or them be able to preform the same quality of service.

2. The next problem

The next problem we have experienced is customers trying to then provide those items.

The customer then either rents pads or buys them. First, the “pads” that you rent are not great in our experience and opinion. They are smaller and thinner than what we use. Second, there is rarely enough pads. Customers either underestimate how many are needed to complete the job properly or are unable to get the amount needed.

“Ok I’ll just get the ones you get.” So now your going to spend $600ish on professional moving pads. Chances are if your renting a truck your trying to save money.     p.s. There goes your savings…

3. After that problem (just a few more)

After that, we see customers trying to provide straps. Which results in them not getting enough, the wrong size, the wrong length, the wrong straps.

Customers also try to get wrap. The movers have a preference on which they use. Which is a combination of speed and easy of use. Almost all customers do not get the one they use. The few times they have seen it, is when the last moving company left theirs.

“Don’t worry I rented the dolly and hand truck” For the professionals (that’s us), it’s easier and faster to not use those. That’s how bad the equipment is. It’s not even worth using.

“Well now I know everything I need”

We had a customer try to rent several dozen pads, showed up with 1/2 dozen. They also tried to pick up their truck in Elgin, only to be sent to Arlington Heights because the truck wasn’t available. They also bought the wrong straps. This was after we explained all of the above on what the moving crew would need. The job is hard enough, no one needs to make it harder.

There you have it. Most of the reasons why Patriotic Movers doesn’t load rented trucks or mobile storage containers.

4. What we will do

However, we will do unloading of rental trucks and mobile storage pods as the damage has already been done.

We will also do what we call “In House” jobs. That is where the moving team rearranges/moves items within a building


Patriotic Movers takes real customer problems. Breaks them down to help future customers understand why we don’t do certain services. This also hopefully helps them avoid some of the issues stated above.