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Patriotic Movers

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A move by Patriot Movers means more time for family, friends, and fun. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in having the best moving experience of your life.



Our services provided are top notch and assures safe delivery with friendly, low stress, moving every day. Our personal and easy going team strives that every moving order we treat with care and honesty. Customer satisfaction is number one. Give it a try and send as a quote right now!
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Our Services

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One Item Moving

One item moves by patriotic movers is a new concept in the moving industry that allows you to move a single item with the same level of professionalism as a full-scale move. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious item will be handled with the utmost care by patriotic movers who understand the value and importance of your belongings.

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Residential Moving

When it comes to residential moving, we’ll get the job done with excellent service delivery and ensure customer satisfaction. We’ll get you set up in your new home in no time. There are many emotional parts to a move, and when you let us do the heavy lifting, you free up space to focus on those aspects.

Take the stress of moving off your plate, and let us handle everything. You’ll be unbelievably pleased with the result.

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Commercial Moving

If you are faced with the daunting task of commercial moving, we are the people to call. Efficiency is essential for office moving because you need to minimize downtime. We understand this and will get you running again faster than you think possible.

We can help with all aspects of the move. Your business will be up and running in no time at all.

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Piano Moving

Moving a piano is no simple task, and a piano is no ordinary piece of furniture. You want a moving company with experience and expertise in the art of moving pianos, which is what we offer.

Your piano will be carefully wrapped, packaged, and disassembled if necessary to ensure we can move it without damaging anything. You can trust us with this precious item, and no harm will come to your beloved piano.

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Our services provided are top notch and assures safe delivery with friendly, low stress, moving every day. Our personal and easy going team strives that every moving order we treat with care and honesty. Customer satisfaction is number one.


What Our Clients Have To Say

Find out why our customers won’t in, is don’t subdue second years firmament. Void seed, were heaven beast were.

I had 3 men move me. They were very nice and did whatever I asked. Mine was a small move and I stayed within the 2 hour minimum. My furniture arrived save and sound to my new address. I would recommend this company to anyone. Great job!

– Loni Hosack

I’ve used Patriotic Movers three times in the past few years and they have always done an excellent job. They’re quick, professional and place things where you want them. They even took my couch to the dumpster for me at my last place. Highly recommend these guys!

– Brian McMurray

Friendly service, on time, efficient, and took extra care with some antique furniture I had. 100% recommend them for any size move! Thank you so much!

– Colleen B.

Would highly recommend this very professional and personal movers. They were very friendly and extremely efficient.

– Kelcy Johnnic

Matt is very helpful and has a great team of guys. They move super quick, are very careful and have the best prices around. Highly recommend!!

– Schwartz Performance


Visit our tips and tools page to help educate you before and after your move. Need help with a moving check list, don’t worry–we have you covered. Need some advice on how to pack glass? Our packing tips can help. Patriotic Movers has helpful advice from a while range of tips for packing and unpacking.

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Sooner or later, many families face the prospect of moving. Disruptive as moving can be for parents, the experience can be even more traumatic for kids, who may not be a part of the decision to move and might not understand it. Kids can need some time and special attention during the transition.


Having a checklist can make your life less stressful during a move. Patriotic Movers has created an offical checklist for your move. Any questions, feel free to email or give us a call.

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Relocation can be tough on the whole family, but it’s especially stressful for pets. Whether you have a standard dog, cat, or bird or a more exotic beast, good preplanning with a moving checklist is essential. Before you start to pack, use our moving checklist to get your pet prepared for a move.